June 2017


“Congratulations, you’ve been selected to be part of the first beta trial of the new ‘Pavlov’ virtual personal assistant.

Pavlov is a new type of personal assistant, one that uses AI to anticipate your needs before you even know you need them.”

Despite the Monkey’s first production, and also our first exploration of binaural audio, took audience members of a tour of ‘Dumat’, international tech giant, as part of a beta test of their new personal assistant AI.

Audience members interacted with ‘Pavlov’, in a fully personalised experience, elevated by an immersive score presented in 3D space though their headset as they moved around the Dumat offices.

Pavlov – Dylan Howells

Margot – Jenny Plackemeier

Sydney – Kate Condon

Director Harry Machray

Composer Tamara Howarth

Sound Design Findlay Claydon

Design Dylan Howells


Unfortunately no upcoming productions of ‘PAVLOV’ are planned.

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